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Discover which content your followers care about most by viewing data on visits and clicks




Get answers to key questions

Driven by data from your social media profiles

  • How many people have visited your profile?
  • Which websites drive the most views to your profile?
  • What types of links do your followers click on most frequently?
  • Which types of content do your followers really care about?
  • Are your followers engaging with your current campaign?
  • Do followers simply like your social media posts or do they visit content too?

Ensure you get the best deal

Review how many clicks you are able to drive to a specific sponsor, while keeping your other links available to your audience

Communicate your value to brands and sponsors by showing them how many visits and clicks you can drive to their products, leveraging all of your social media profiles

Get better results in less time

There are countless people on social media publishing content that will never be seen. Understanding what your users are doing with data is the key to making sure you are not one of them

Review data across your brands

A single account allows you to manage multiple profiles. This means you can log into one account and with a few clicks review traffic and clicks across all of your social media brands

Data you get access to

  • Referring domains
  • Profile Views
  • Top Campaigns (as tagged by UTMs)
  • Total Clicks
  • Clicks for each link
  • Category of clicks

...broken down into 24 hours, 7 days, 30 days and all time

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