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Gamliel Fishkin

Hello world! I am Gamliel Fishkin.                                                                                                         If you want to contact me by email, use my PGP/GPG key (see the link to it below). My Jabber-Id is xmpp:[email protected], and my SIP-address is sip:[email protected] (please note: they both are absolutely not email addresses).                                                                                      If you are so thankful to me and so appreciate me, that you want to send to me some money, you can. Yandex.Money: 4100178160001 (see the link below; also from a bank card) WebMoney: R122241186024 (RUB), Z358073001447 (USD), E168423937145 (EUR) Bitcoin: 1G4YmH2R6fSDxvWbzZJoZFfgRXmCaL74Rd Dash: XmLJmW2bAeMzJ227wEnjiZ8QDiCYrpUQQs1 Litecoin: LLVrLa2EbDzaEy77FfttH3P4iJjYF4iyb2