9 ways lnks.to helps Inspo pages build better businesses
24 July 2018

9 ways lnks.to helps Inspo pages build better businesses

Inspo pages are primarily built for passion, but can also be great businesses as they allow the owner to run a business. This post explains 9 ways how lnks.to can empower you if you run an inspo page…

Inspo pages are one of the core elements of the Instagram community. They are known for rapidly building up followers by sharing best content on a particular topic from around the web. They can be about anything from funny videos, to fashion and makeup tutorials.

Inspo pages are primarily built for passion, but can also be great businesses as they allow the owner to sell shoutouts or, maybe even sell their own products and services. Having worked with hundreds of influencers over the years we wanted to ensure we’re building a platform that could make a positive impact on Inspo pages. This post explains 9 ways how lnks.to can empower you if you run an inspo page…

1. Access to data that shows it works

The initial data we have collected has shown that providing a selection of links to support your most recent posts or campaigns has helped increase both visits and click-throughs because there is more opportunity for your followers to find something that interests them when they are ready for it.

Ultimately, each Instagram account is different, so you don’t have to take our word for it. Each profile you create has analytics so you can see:

  • How many views your profile gets

  • Where the traffic is coming from (powerful if you share it in more places than just Instagram)

  • Which links get the most clicks

  • Which traffic sources drove the most clicks

2. It’s a safer way to do promo’s for clients

Facebook and Instagram have been cracking down heavily on what they see as spam-like behaviour since launching the ad platform for Instagram. One of the things that attract Instagrams negative attention is swapping links in the bio regularly and, having multiple Instagram accounts suddenly change their link to the same promotion. Many people have reported having their accounts shut down as a result of this or, posting the same shoutout as other Instagrammers.

Installing a lnks.to profile in your account allows you to avoid this negative attention from Instagram because the link in your bio stays the same. You simply add the promo link to your lnks.to profile and it’s accessible to your followers without being visible to Instagram.

3. Increases your views, even on old content

Each time you upload a post with “link in the bio” and then upload a newer post, with a new link in the bio, the older content is hard to find if not invisible.

A lnks.to profile allows you to have multiple links in your bio at any one time. So you can keep sending traffic to older content and products even if you’ve added new content to your IG feed. This is even more powerful when you consider that some followers will be interested in older content and others in the newer content - now you can keep them both engaged.

4. Keeps you open to new collaborations

If you’re running a promotion for a client, you should want to provide them as many clicks onto their profile or landing page as possible. To do this you need to publish the link, with a reason to click on it, leaving no space for your information - so you can’t attract clients for shoutouts.

With a lnks.to profile, you can keep the link to your enquiries email address visible and you can write a description inviting people to contact you, but still keep your client’s campaign as the prominent content using a promo card or your hero image, both of which are clickable.

5. Adding images and descriptions make links easy to identify

If you have several links for the user to go through when looking for the content they are interested in, the right link could be hard for them to find. To ensure this is not the case, you have the option to add images and engaging descriptions for each link.

This not only makes links easy to find but it should also increase conversion rates because people know what to expect before they click on it and, you have more chance of linking to something the follower cares about.

6. Stop posting spammy looking links

Ideally, you should be sharing either affiliate links or links with UTMs attached so clients know that the click came from your Instagram account. The only problem is, people are less likely to click on bit.ly links or long, ugly looking links because the perception is it could be a link to viruses or spam.

lnks.to/your_brand_name in your bio is something your community will be used to. Each URL you provide on your lnks.to profile is hidden behind a description or image. This means all links will look welcoming and clearly communicate value so you can expect your click-throughs to increase.

Link to anything you need...

  • Other Social Media accounts

  • Product/landing pages

  • Affiliate links

  • Pages about your rates/deal terms

  • Blog content

  • Social Media posts

7. Brand building

Instagram is a visual platform and users expect good design and engaging imagery. We also understand how important it is to be able to share your message and reflect your brand. This is why we allow you to add multiple images.

Soon you will be able to select from a collection of themes and colours that will allow you to create the perfect design for your audience.

8. It's free

You can build a profile and have your links online for free, forever.

If you would like additional features, our subscription costs less far less than one shoutout a month. Don’t forget, you should be landing more deals as a result and/or be able to charge more because you can present the number of clicks you are able to drive for the client

You also get to see what types of products/clients do best, so you can contact similar Instagram accounts saying “here is an example of a recent campaign, not just likes, but clicks - would you be interested in working together?”

Conclusion, it’s a simple, safe way to build a better experience for your followers and get more business, why not use it?

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