Blog / Case Study: How to go from making $250 a per shoutout to £2.5k a month, in 30 mins (example)

Case Study: How to go from making $250 a per shoutout to £2.5k a month, in 30 mins (example)

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In this example case study, we are going to walk you through the story of Amy, a typical Content Curator and results you might see working with as a content curator or influencer.

Amy, 25 from, recently graduated from NYU 
  • Passionate about curating aspirational content for women 
  • She finds cool content online, edits it and publishes it across her accounts 
  • Been building her online community for 3+ years
    • Instagram: 23,000 
    • Twitter: 15,000 
    • Pinterest: 3,000
    • TikTok: 40,000 
  • Revenue 
    • Years 0-3: £4.2k 
    • Year 4: £28,000 with 


Amy posts regularly and has built up a following across her favourite platforms over several years. 

She occasionally makes money by posting shoutouts which she charges up to $250 for. She would typically sell a shoutout every couple of months but would sell them for cheaper to close more deals between finishing her studies and working part time. 

Amy’s goal was to travel and build a business once she graduated so generating more income was becoming a high priority. She is always interested in looking into new and more lucrative opportunities like ecommerce but was unsure where to turn, until she found 

Transitioning to

Amy found in the bio of an influencer’s Instagram bio. 

She clicked on the link at the bottom of the influencer’s profile page to learn more. Once she read about the generous referral fee she decided to sign up and join the partnership program. 

Switching over was quick and simple because she simply copied over the links from her existing profile page on another service. She then updated the bio links across her social media profiles. She also added her details for being paid as part of the partnership program. The process took about 30 mins in total from finding 


  • Converted 3% of her followers over a year 
  • £2,400 a month 
  • £28,800 a year 

Shortly after updating her bios with her new []( page, she could instantly see the page views on her analytics and her first follower signed up after a couple of days. Towards the end of the month, she had the first payment in her account.

Each month as more and more of her followers signed up by seeing the link on her page. As she continued to post content like she always has. 

Amy also started to promote her page as she got excited about the income and helping others to earn with the partnership program. Before she knew it, Amy had 3% of her followers sign up to and she is now earning roughly £2,400 a month. Which means she has an extra £28,800 a year, simply by posting to her social accounts which she does anyway. 

Become one of our partners today

While this is an example case study, these results are possible to achieve. If earning an extra £28,000 a year would be useful and you’d like to be our first case study, we would like to invite you to sign up and join our partnership program. 

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