Tired of swapping links in your Instagram bio?
16 July 2018

Tired of swapping links in your Instagram bio?

Are you constantly swapping the links in your Instagram bio each time you need to link to a new blog post, vlog or promo you mentioned in your last post? You could be making a big mistake...

Think about it, every time you update the link in your bio, all of the other posts saying “link in the bio” are now out of date.

Your community can’t quickly find what they are looking for and will be disappointed. This means you’ll be losing out on valuable visits, and possibly sales.

This is only made worse by Instagram not allowing any links in posts. You can try adding a link to the post but, your followers can’t click on it and they won’t copy and paste the link either.

Think about it, when was the last time you copied a link from an Instagram post into your browser? ..ever?

Lnks.to was created specifically for this reason. Now you can simply create a profile and have all of your important links available, every time your followers click on the link in your bio.

This is really powerful if you're a Fashion Blogger, CamGirl, Social Media Manager…

  1. Content in your feed stays relevant for longer

  2. Followers can discover more than they were expecting

  3. Link to anywhere/ thing: blog posts, affiliate links, events, promotions

  4. Add cards to make specific links really stand out

  5. Keep links to other social media platforms accessible

Now you know how important it is to have multiple links accessible from your Instagram profile. You might want to make a change by creating a profile with us and adding it to your Instagram bio. You're also welcome to add it to all of your other profiles across the web.

Creating a profile takes less than 3 minutes...

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