Using connect with your followers
16 July 2018

Using connect with your followers

Increasing clicks and conversions from your social media bio’s.

Instagram only allows you to add a single link to your profile making it difficult to connect your followers with the content they want to see most so you could be missing out on valuable visits and possibly sales. That’s why we created

Overall, we are excited about how our platform has been received with positive comments but even more exciting is some users have seen an increase in clicks and conversions. This is probably a result of followers being taken to the exact page they are interested in, rather than the one mentioned in the most recent post.

In this post, we’ll walk you through some of the features that will help you connect your Instagram followers. Of course, you can use your profile anywhere you can share a link so you can connect followers from across the web.

Our overall aim

When creating the platform our aim was to strike a balance between being easy to use with a really clean, simple design that can be used equally on a desktop or mobile, while still being a powerful and flexible tool for people building businesses on social media. This meant we had to create more than a list of links that you can change at any time.

Selection of Current Features

Custom URL

When creating profiles you start by creating a custom URL. This makes it easy to remember and identify anywhere you link to it.

Hero image

1_profileA large hero image at the top of your profile makes it possible to set the tone of your brand or campaign instantly. It also doubles up as a clickable link.

Title & Description

Add a title and/or a brief description to your profile allowing users to identify and relate to your brand, possibly with a short welcome message.

Body links, with descriptions & images

Adding links with both descriptions and images allows your visitor to quickly identify the content or product that the most interested in. This is why our clients typically see lower bounce-rates and higher conversions - their followers can instantly find the content most relevant to them.

You can share anything, including...

  • Popular / recent blog posts

  • Specific products

  • Links to payment platforms (Patreon, Paypal…)

  • Blog categories

  • Newsletter signup page

  • Links to write-ups about you or your brand

  • Links to your projects/work

  • Premium Snapchat

  • Latest single or mix downloads

(For savvier digital marketers - you’re also welcome to add your UTMs. 😉)

Promotional Cards

Adding a Promotional Card with an image, title and caption is a great way to make a particular campaign or project stand out. Ideal for making sure followers don’t miss time-sensitive events.

Large Buttons

For links that are more consistent, you can add larger buttons. For example, one that links to your homepage and another to your customer services email. The email button automatically opens up a new email on your follower’s device.

Social Media Buttons

It’s possible to add a list of discreet buttons linking to your various social media profiles across the web. This means your following can grow across your platforms without distracting from your recent content. The buttons include...

  • Instagram

  • Twitter

  • Facebook

  • Medium

  • Snapchat

… and more. If we’re missing anything let us know on Twitter.

Multiple profiles

It’s possible to manage multiple profiles from the same login. Ideal for social media managers handling accounts for clients but also for those of you with a personal and business social media presence.

Each item we have listed is optional and there are more features that we could cover and more to come. But that should give you a good overview of how you can use to connect your followers, content and products.

We’re always open to feedback, so let us know if you have any comments, ideas or requests on Twitter.

Oh! - Did we mention It’s free to get started and start driving links to the pages that matter?

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