What Instagram doesn’t want you to know about having a single link in your bio
22 July 2018

What Instagram doesn’t want you to know about having a single link in your bio

Creating a great mix of engaging content and getting the balance right with salesy content that makes you money is hard, only made harder by Instagram limiting you to one link in your bio. Here are the 4 main reasons it’s holding you back and, what you should do about them...

Most of your posts in your Instagram profile will be there to keep your followers entertained and engaged. But if you are building a business online as a blogger, influencer, social media manager or even an e-commerce business - a significant number of your posts should be linking to content, products and services outside of Instagram.

Creating a great mix of engaging content and getting the balance right with salesy content that makes you money, is hard enough, but this challenge is only made harder by Instagram and others limiting you to one link in your bio. Below, we’ll explain the 4 main reasons it’s holding you back and what you should do about them.

1. Your “link in bio” is out of date

Each time you create a post with “link in bio” and then change the link to reflect your latest post, every other link you have posts about is no longer accessible.

This can be really annoying if someone wants to find a blog post, but you have linked to your vlog on YouTube for example. Maybe you have followers who have been waiting until the end of the month to purchase something they saw a couple of weeks ago..?

But how do you decide which link is most important?

You shouldn’t have to. This is why we created lnks.to. Creating a profile means you can have all of your links accessible.

2. You can’t have clickable links in posts

Instagram doesn’t allow you to create clickable links in the captions on your posts. If you do add them, it’s highly unlikely users will ever copy and paste the links.

Think about it, how many times have you copied and pasted a link from a post on Instagram? Be honest… that’s right - you need to have a clickable link in your bio.

The easiest solution to this is to create a lnks.to profile and have all the links you need to be available, listed for as long as you need them.

3. You need to engage your followers with their favourite platform

Different people prefer different things. Some like watching brief Snaps that build up to create a story. Others prefer to sit down with a coffee to read a long-form blog post.

You should also be building up your community on multiple platforms just in case of another algorithm change that prevents you from reaching your audience happens, AGAIN!

Having a lnks.to profile allows you to keep all of your social media platforms available without distracting from the links that you’d like to make a priority based on your most recent content.

4. You must always have a mixture of content available

Only a fraction of your audience will be ready to purchase something from you at any time. This means you still need to keep the larger community engaged until they are ready to inquire about your services or purchase your products. If you don’t they may feel like you’re only promoting products and “only care about the money”.

To ensure your followers don’t lose interest you should have links to informative and engaging content visible. Using a lnks.to will allow you to link to all of your content, but also have special promotions visible in your Promotional Card.

Of course, your links and cards can link to anything you want. You can have the main links link to different products and your card link to an informative email newsletter or, this season’s lookbook.

Whatever you’re followers would value most.

If you’re not sure which content your followers would value most, you can find out by running some tests with your content and seeing the data on what got the most clicks with your profile analytics (super important! You should always be running tests).

Now you know just 4 of the many reasons why having a single link in your bio is holding you back, you need to do something about it - assuming you are serious about building your business online.

Why not create a profile to help grow your business and keep your followers happy? ...claim your brand on lnks.to and stop being held back by the “one link in your bio”.

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