Turn your followers into customers

Everything you need to build a real business

Data micro-influencers & social sellers use to build life chaging income

  • Consultants & coaches

    Close more of your higher-ticket deals while gathering insights you can leverage to improve your products and services, without damaging your credibility

  • #UGC Creators

    Sell packages to brands more often while building your audience ahead of building your passive income

  • Lifestyle Influencers & Creators

    Get data on your audience and leverage content you're already making to scale a passive income

  • Content Curators

    Test products & offers, across all of your brands from the one log in

  • Niche Specific Content Creators

    Stop waiting for drips of affiliate income and create a flow of revenue to replace your 9-5

No one wants to admit this but, let’s be honest...

your following is a black-box

Most content creators don’t make any money and having a post go viral doesn’t change this. You need to know who's following you and, what they want to buy

here is what you need to replace your 9-5...

A way get high-value deals frequently

The most reliable way to get started with generating meaningful income is to sell packaged services based on your unique knowledge and skills

To sell higher-value deals more frequently, you need a sales process and toolkit that makes this ongoing process easy to manage

Insights into what your followers want to buy

Having thousands of followers or even email addresses, doesn't let you know what people will be willing to pay for

To know what your followers want, you need to be able to gather insights into what they care about and how their needs evolve

The ability to rapidly test product ideas

Once you have the data, you need to work out if your understanding & insights into what your followers want is accurate

The best way to do this is to test multiple products and delivery formats allowing you to be confident you're offering as much value as possible

A portfolio of high-value products your followers love

Once you have a successful product, you will need to make sure your success is ongoing

To build the most robust and reliable streams of income you need to have multiple products that help different followers and, to be testing new products without impacting your existing ones

Let's take a look at what you will find in that black box with our toolkit...

Reveal what your
followers want most

Leverage our customisable forms with incentives to get your followers to share what you are uniquely qualified to help with and, understand their needs over time with extensive customer profiles

Once you know what your followers care about

Sell your most profitable packages,
more frequently

Most micro-influencers start off by selling services (UGC, Consultations, high-quality content...) to fund their lifestyle because affiliate links don't make an impact unless you have a massive audience, but they struggle while waiting for deals to trickle in. Stop worrying about where your next deal is going to come from by learning how to build a flow of your most profitable deals and get access to the tools that make the process easy to manage with our CRM

Earn passive income
selling digital products

Once you know what your audience wants you can test then transition to highly-profitable digital products in lnks.to. Allowing you to focus on creating content and getting even more followers, profitably


Accept full payments or deposits for your time directly into your Stripe account

Digital Downloads

Sell digital assets: e-books, templates, collections, files, excel files, UI kits...


Share skills with your followers with structured modules and lessons


All through the link in your bio

Maintain your credibility with your existing links to your podcast, YouTube channel, sponsored content... all visible while gathering data and promoting your products.

App screenshot

Convert followers into paying customers

Everything you need to build a real business

Our aim is to make sure you have the tools, data and insights you need to learn about your followers and, sell them products or services they love

Keep your links

Maintain credibility and traffic going to your content, partners and affiliate platforms by keeping all of the links you currently share while adding forms or products to discreetly build your business

Securely Accept Payments

We have partnered with Stripe, the leading online payments processor, to allow you to securely accept card payments in all of the major currencies. Setup takes less than 5 minutes.

Calendly Integration

Provide paid or free access to your calendar by embedding it into "thank you pages." This means your followers can buy time with you or, book in a consultation after filling in a form

Multimedia Courses

Host courses with lessons with video, text and images within your lnks.to account. Allowing you to structure your information in a high-value and digestible way while saving time and money by not having to maintain multiple platforms

Embed Videos

Add YouTube and Loom videos (VSLs) to links, products and forms to better communicate the value of what you are offering and dramatically increase conversions

Direct Product Links

In cases where you want to direct followers to a specific product or form, you can.

Simply copy the url, add it to bio's emails, tweets... chat while on a video call to close a deal

Contacts & Profiles

One of our unique features is we enable you to capture contact details including email addresses, phone numbers, social media profiles... so you can connect directly with your followers

View Data in Context

When your followers fill in forms, you can view the data by form or by the contact profile. This means you can get a feel for everyone's response to a particular form or, understand an individual follower by reviewing all of the forms they submitted

Manage Opportunities

Our Opportunities Dashboard makes it really easy to see and manage all of the deals you are negotiating with your clients so you know which deals to prioritise and ensures you never miss an opportunity

Sell ebooks, Courses & more

With simple but powerful ecommerce features, you can sell ebooks, digital downloads, courses... whatever your followers might want, quickly and easily

Forms & Incentives

Gather data from your customers with forms and ensure they fill them in by offering incentives like unique content, access to your calendar and more...

Track Campaign Success

Keep track of how well promotional or data gathering campaigns are going by capturing activities and reviewing engagement with powerful search and filtering tools

Provide Instant Access to Purchases

One of the biggest drivers to customer satisfaction is getting results quickly. Rather than manually emailing links to PDFs or other tools, your customers will get instant access to what they purchase from you

Get Training & Support

We understand you might need help closing more deals, identifying product ideas and getting started with our toolkit so we've created a course and will give you access to our team to get you business ready

Multiple Pages

You might be managing multiple brands or, want to test products with your followers on one social media channel, you can do both because you can create as many pages with as many products or links as you need

Review Activity Feeds

Followers fill in forms, purchase products, DM you on social media... keep track of interactions by reviewing their activity feed to understand what they did in the past and what they might be interested in next

Customise Tags & Statuses

When collecting a flow of follower data, things can quickly get messy. lnks.to has the ability for you to create custom tags for contacts and statuses. So you can quickly search for and filter down to who you're selling to and who to do podcasts with

Currently in Private Beta

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We're adding the finishing touches before we open up to the wider public. As part of this process we'd like to welcome a select group of micro-influencers to help us make sure things are just right.

We'd love to hear from you if you'd like to take part. You'll be getting access to...

All Features.
Get access to all of our business building features: CRM, Follower Data, Selling Products...
Training & Support.
We'll give you access to our training content and walk you through the app
LIMITED: Founder Access.
If you are one of the first 10 successful applicants you will be able to share questions and thoughts with our founder to make sure the app is optimised for you and your followers