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The solution to the "one link in the bio" problem

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Everyone knows building a successful brand online is all about keeping followers engaged with your best content, but...

The popular social networks restrict you to a single link in your bio. This means you are losing visits and sales because your followers can't click on a link to the content they care about most

Our platform the solution to this problem

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A simple, but powerful solution to multiple challenges

Increasing Sales

If you're limited to one link you can't please everyone. Some people might want to buy your content, others might want to check out your recommended products. Allow them to do both

Save Time

Using your Profile link across multiple platforms means you only have to make one change to keep followers flowing to your latest content or promotions

Brand Building

Gain more followers across your social media platforms by having links to each profile instantly accessible. We've also added features to allow you to represent your brand and message, your way

Reduce Negative Comments

Users often vent on social media when frustrated because they can't find a simple way to contact your customer services, now you can providing an always visible button to click on

Campaign Engagement

If you have lots of options in the menu on your website it makes items hard to find, especially while trying to get sales from shoutouts. Adding links with images to your profile will make each item, quick to identify and easy to get to

Lowering Bounce Rates

Some of your followers might want to read about your beauty tips, others about your latest outfit. Giving them the option to decide will lower your bounce rate and keep them happy

Quick Updates

You can share your Profile online and in person, allowing your new follower or contact to connect with you using their preferred method

Reduce Unwanted Attention From Mods

Some platforms like IG don't like it when you change your links regularly. Especially, for shoutouts. Now you can keep a single link and run multiple shoutouts making everyone happy


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