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lnks.to was specifically designed to help content creators and influencers to generate income while sharing links to social profiles, products & campaigns

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Earn passive income

Each time someone becomes a paying subscriber using the "lnks.to" button at the bottom of your page, you will recive a percentage of their subscription. This means you can earn monthly recurring revenue simply by shaing your profile

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Manage multiple pages

You can manage mulitple profiles from one account. Making it easy to keep your personal account and brands up to date

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See how many clicks and visits you get

Get the data understand what your users are most interested in & demonstrate your value to brands by seeing how many view and clicks you get

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"What is possible?"

Converting your followers

As you know all influencers & communities are different so results will vary but, here is an example of what we believe is possible...

25k Research shows the average micro-influncer has between 10k & 50k followers. We will use 25k followers for this example

1% We expect you to convert 1% without active promotion over time. More if you choose to promote your page actively

£1,250 When you convert 1% of your followers you will make £1,250 each month where 1% your followers are subscribed

£15,00 If you manage to keep a minimum of 1% of your followers subscribed for a year you will make a minimum of £15k in passive income

"Okay, how much can I earn?"

Estimated Earnings Calculator

Results will vary but, with little or no promotion over time we would expect you to convert 0.5-2% of your followers. If you were to actively promote your page and our Partnership Program we would expect to see closer to 3-5% conversion rates. Get an estimate of how much you could earn by adding the total number of followers you have, below.

Conversion Rate Number of Subscribers Monthly Revenue Annual Revenue
0.5% 125 £625 £7500
1% 250 £1250 £15000
3% 750 £3750 £45000
5% 1250 £6250 £75000
10% 2500 £12500 £150000

Please note: These are estimates not guaranteed earnings.

Why influencers are switching to lnks.to?

Passive Income

Stop worring about when the next deal will come in and start planning your next trip

Automatic Payouts

Your earnings are paid into your Stripe account then forwarded to your bank account every month

Discreet Referral Link

No hard sales or aggressive banners, simply 'lnks.to/' at the bottom of your page

Keep Your Links

If moving over from another platform you can have all of the links you'd normally have

Customise Styling

You can customise the images and colours of your profile page to ensure it aligns with your brand

Manage Multiple Pages

With the one login you can update your brand or personal pages, no need for multiple logins

Useful Data

See how many views & clicks you get to understand what's working & prove your worth to collaborators

Cancel Any Time

If you're not happy for any reason, simply end your subscription. No questions asked

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